Cork Open 2023

All-Ireland Mahjong’s first riichi tournament!

26-27 August 2023

This was a seven-hanchan tournament over two days, playing to standard EMA riichi rules. As this was the first Irish tournament, it was not EMA-rated. This was to help provide a welcoming & enjoyable first tournament for our many new Irish players. Nevertheless, all players brought their best mahjong skills.

Here are the results: congratulations to Kathy Horton on a splendid win, which included six 1st places and one 2nd place in the seven hanchan.

1Kathy Horton, USA174.
2Bryan Manchez, France94.3-9.526.526.6-25.227.33414.6
3Jeremy Yucheng Gao, Dublin91.6-
4Steve Augustin, USA5628.6-1511.730.670.9-7.8
5Martin Schleimer, Cork48-2621.7-6.8-5.2-442.925.4
6Alex Wilde, Belfast-2.85.6-13.8-5.555.6-26.711.310.7-40
7Joey Zheng, Dublin-19.926.25.9-185.6-13.6-31.85.8
8Conor Mullin, Belfast-37.2-24.7-8.1-30.615.215-1.1-2.9
9Jennifer Shih, Cork-
10Loïc Roberge, Canada-1067.3-15-18.9-5.6-5.2-33.4-35.2
11Livey Irwin, Belfast-112-10.4-20.23.818.8-43.8-8-32.2-20
12Jonnie Matchett, Belfast-170.9-21.1-20.2-34.3-18.9-37.1-32.2-7.1
+Andrew Smith, Cork69.3633.7-433.6N/AN/AN/A
+Simon Picard, Cork2.3-
+Seiko Hayase, Cork-57.9-27-38.119.3-12.1N/AN/AN/A
*Naoki Lin, Dublin-60.77.9-7.95.5-46.2N/AN/AN/A-20

* player withdrew due to illness after day 1
+ players withdrew after day 1 to balance the field to a multiple of 4 players

Thanks to the Cork blog Tripe & Drisheen for this write-up of the Cork Open 2023