We are All-Ireland Mahjong. We’re currently gathering together for riichi games in Cork, Dublin and Belfast. We’re linking up players of mahjong (or mah-jong or mahjongg), to promote the fun, fair and friendly playing of the game across the whole island.

While we actively support Japanese riichi Mahjong, we are also here to support Mahjong Competition Rules (MCR), though we currently have no active MCR players. We do not provide support for American (NMJL) Mah jongg.

Please do let us know who you are, and we’ll invite you to our meetups, teaching sessions, and game sessions!

The best way to reach us is to join us in our Discord chat channel. We also have a national facebook page, a Cork facebook page, and meetup groups for Cork, for Dublin, and for Belfast.

We are the national body representing the Republic in the European Mahjong Association

    Please let us know which county you're in, which versions of mahjong you play currently if any, and whether you'd like to learn.