All-Ireland Qualifier for the World Riichi Championship

The World Riichi Championship [WRC] will take place in Vienna on Thursday 25th — Sunday 28th August 2022, with the registration and opening party taking place on the evening of Wednesday 24th.

Ireland has one seat – one player from the island of Ireland will be able to take part against players from around the world, including Japanese professionals from several televised leagues.

To allocate this seat, All-Ireland Mahjong is hosting an online tournament – The Qualifier. Anyone eligible to play for Ireland (Irish citizens and long-term residents), is welcome to enter, whether or not they intend to take the WRC seat. You can play in our online tournament for the chance to represent Ireland at the highest level, or just for fun. Entry to The Qualifier is FREE. Please let us know your availability for the Qualifier, so that we can pick the best date.

We’ll be playing on Tenhou.

We will need you to declare – on entering The Qualifier – whether you will take up the seat if you are the highest-ranking player among all WRC hopefuls.

Come and chat about the Qualifier on our Discord.

Here are the things you’ll need to consider before committing to taking up the seat:

The entry fee for WRC is €400 (this includes the VAT). This includes lunch on each playing day, and the pre-tournament party. Everyone will play ten qualifying rounds; and there will be side events with pros, for those who miss out on the top 32 cut. Ireland’s representative will need to pay this before the end of March to the WRC organisers. The winner will also need to arrange & pay for their own transport to and from Vienna, and their own accommodation.

If you want, you’ll be able to stay at the hotel where the WRC is held, the InterContinental. A WRC booking link for InterContinental will be available shortly. You are not obliged to book through WRC, but booking through WRC will give you access to their special negotiated rates, which include breakfast, and also support the WRC event*.

Experienced players in Ireland will be able to provide Ireland’s representative at WRC with coaching in the months up to WRC, and also on tournament etiquette. So even if you haven’t yet played in an IRL tournament, we’ll make sure you’re ready before the big event happens! And we will liase with the WRC management team on your behalf,

So, if you want to commit to representing Ireland at the WRC, you
must commit to:

  • pay the €400 registration fee before the end of March
  • be in Vienna from Wednesday 24th – Sudnay 28th August 2002
  • sort out your own travel & accommodation
  • sort out your own visa, if you’re not an EU citizen
  • agree to receive coaching on tournament etiquette, if you have not attended IRL tournaments before

    If you can’t, or don’t want to commit to that, you can still take part in The Qualifier just for the craic (no alternative prizes will be available).

    Find out more about the WRC here

    (* for each block of rooms booked by WRC players via the WRC booking link, one room will be made available to WRC staff and referees)

    We’ll be playing with WRC rules (or as close as we can manage it on Tenhou):

  • 4 han 30 fu = mangan
  • no red fives;
  • kan dora flipped immediately;
  • no bankruptcy (game carries on if player drops below 0, can still riichi even if score is below 1k);
  • no nagashi mangan;
  • no abortive draws;
  • head bump (no double rons);
  • starting points 30k;
  • placement bonuses +15/+5/-5/-15;
  • no sudden death – game ends at end of S4, not on dealer win/tenpai.
  • open tanyao allowed;
  • kan dora and ura dora on;